ASUS Firmware Update Lists Unannounced AMD EPYC CPUs

Source: BLT

ASUS recently showed a new firmware for the RS700A-E9-RS12V2 1U server, and this update has unannounced AMD EPYC (codenamed Rome) processors, Twitter user @momomo_us first noticed this document. Just like any other EPYC 7002 Series family, these chips utilize the latest Zen 2 microarchitecture and are manufactured at TSMC under the 7 nm FinFET process node. This processor also supports eight channels of DDR4 RAM and provides up to 128 high-speed PCIe 4.0 lanes.

ASUS's new firmware supports unlisted EPYC processor that AMD hasn't announced yet!

The EPYC 7662 has a total of 64 cores and 128 threads, and this 64-core chip has 256 MB of L3 cache, a 2.00 GHz base clock. The boost clock of this chip has not been released, but the thermal design power (TDP) of this chip is 200-watts.

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Source: @momomo_us

Looking at the 32-core chip, the EPYC 7532, has a total of 64 threads, a base clock of 2.40 GHz. This 32-core chip has the same L3 Cache and TDP of the EPYC 7662.

The third unannounced EPYC processor is the EPYC 7F52, this processor has a total of 16-cores, 32-threads and offers a base clock of 3.50, while keeping the same amount of L3 cache. One difference in this chip is that the TDP is higher when compared to the other two processors, this processor's TDP is 240-watts. According to the ASUS' documents, the EPYC 7F52 has double the amount of the L3 cache when compared to the other 16-core processors, the EPYC 7302 being a prime example having just 128 MB of L3 cache.

The last unannounced EPYC processor that was shown off in the ASUS firmware update is the EPYC 7F32 which offers the performance of 8-cores and 16-threads, this processor has a base clock of 3.70 GHz and is only one of these four processors to provide a different L3 cache, this processor L3 cache 128 MB. This processor will be the fastest eight-core processor in the EPYC 7002 Series lineup. This processor's TDP is significantly less than the other three processors, this processor's TDP is 180-watts.

The firmware that supports the four unannounced EPYC processors is already out, so the processor should be announced very soon. The U.S. retailer Bottom Line Telecommunications already listed the EPYC 7662 and the EPYC 7532 for $6,653.81 and $3,634.77, respectively.

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