ASUS DIY-APE Revolution concept improves cable management for Intel and AMD PC motherboards

Jason R. Wilson
ASUS DIY-APE Revolution project, Image source: Bilibili via VideoCardz

An exciting concept for better cable management in users' PC cases comes from ASUS and the company's new DIY-APE Revolution. This unique adapter design from ASUS is compatible with Intel and AMD mobos, but don't expect it to be ready for sale...yet.

ASUS unleashes new DIY-APE Revolution project to improve PC cable management for Intel and AMD motherboards

Gigabyte has made its attempt at cable management with its Stealth program while MSI teased its Project Zero, bearing a similar concept of a clutter-free chassis. The company utilizes a combination of graphics cards, additional components, and the motherboard to assist in improving and limiting cord clutter. Gigabyte's design is proprietary to them, so other companies have attempted to improve cable management by their means.

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ASUS's newest design is more of a collaboration than what we have seen before. Companies such as LIAN LI, SAMA, CoolerMaster, Phanteks, Cougar, and Jonsbo are working with ASUS to create the new DIY-APE Revolution design, which is anticipated to be available for Intel H610, B660, and B760 motherboard compatibilities. However, the company has also talked about working with AMD and its motherboard lines.


Twitter leaker @harukaze5719 shared images and a link to a, well, "interesting" and "imaginative" video on Chinese social media site Bilibili from user "Ancient Era Installer."

Watch the video here. We'll wait.


In the video, two different colorways were shown — one in black and another in white — but all the cable-related connections are on the motherboard's opposite side, including USB, power, SATA, fan headers, and front panel connections. ASUS anticipates broader usability with consumers, especially by collaborating with many different components and motherboard manufacturers for the DIY-APE Revolution project.


Again, the company is not currently selling this design but is physically conceptualizing the design to see possible use in the future. It will be interesting to see if other companies create their designs or if case manufacturers will continue to evolve their chassis to improve cable management.

News Sources: harukaze5719 on Twitter, ASUS Official Bilibili, VideoCardz

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