Arma 3 Sells 2 Million Copies, Two More Free Updates Incoming


Arma 3 has been a rousing success for developer Bohemia Interactive. They've been able to sell more than 2 million copies of the game thus far, far more than this particular genre usually elicits. Because of the larger than expected interest, Bohemia Interactive is far from finished when it comes to supporting the future of Arma 3. They've released the roadmap for 2016.

The Nexus and Eden updates will improve core features and increase visual fidelity.

The first update on the roadmap is called Nexus, and as the name would imply, this will focus on the very core elements of gameplay and improving those substantially. Nexus will be the first stage before releasing a new gameplay update called Apex. They want to make sure that the foundation is solid, with performance improvements and a smoother overall experience. This also will include something called Arma 3 Units, a way to connect with different Arma 3 communities over the Internet.

The next update is being called Eden. This is a series of graphical enhancements to bring the underlying engine into the modern age. It already looks fantastic in its own right, but this just makes it that much better. Along with that will be further under the hood enhancements, making it run much smoother overall. Key to this update are lighting and water based shaders, for increased realism.

The next update is called Arma 3 Apex, which is a content expansion that will add new vehicles, weapons and characters. They're also using Apex as the underlying platform for more long-term support. The multiplayer mechanics and UI are all going to be improved gradually, starting with Nexus and continuing through Apex.

Eden and Nexus are free with Apex being a paid expansion. Bohemia Interactive abides by the practice that features are free but content is paid. Thus far the content that they've added has generally been very high in quality in large in quantity. The roadmap for Arma 3 into 2016 is below.