ARM-Based MacBook Pro Could Ship With Second-Generation Touch Bar and Face ID Capability, Says Tipster


There has been a significant amount of talk surrounding the upcoming ARM-based MacBook Pro and with its production rumored to start from Q4, 2020, it’s possible Apple might unveil the new product this year. Of course, a brand new product with a brand new chipset will also mean that Apple will improve the existing features while also adding an extra one for more convenience, starting with a second-generation Touch Bar.

Tipster Hasn’t Mentioned What Improvements Apple Will Make to the ARM-Based MacBook Pro’s Second-Generation Touch Bar

The tipster Komiya believes that in addition to the second-generation Touch Bar on the ARM-based MacBook Pro, Apple will also add Face ID to this portable Mac, adding an extra layer of convenience for when users want to unlock their machines. Unfortunately, Komiya didn’t bother explaining what changes will this second-generation Touch Bar bring to the table. It’s possible Apple increases the width of the Touch Bar, giving more ‘on screen’ options to users, but there’s no way to confirm this at the moment.

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As for Face ID, it was only a matter of time before this feature would find its way on a MacBook after Apple brought it to the iPhone X and then the 2018 iPad Pro. Unfortunately, Komiya has mentioned anything remotely related to a second-generation Touch Bar or Face ID coming to the rumored ARM-based 12-inch MacBook, hinting that the smaller notebook might sport the same chassis that Apple used before, all with physical keys.

While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it means customers will have to spend a little more money if they want to experience an improved Touch Bar or Face ID on a portable Mac. Still, we want our readers to treat this rumor with a pinch of salt for now and we’ll be back with more updates.

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News Source: Twitter (Komiya)