Apple’s ‘Let Us Loop You In’ Media Event Start Time In Your Country

Ali Salman

In just over 24 hours from now, Apple's 'Let us loop you in' March 21 media event is about to start. There are a lot of gadgets about to be unveiled including the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, new Apple Watch bands and the highly anticipated iPhone SE. The company has declared that it will be live streaming the event. In its preparations, Apple has also released an Apple Events app on the tvOS App Store for the Apple TV. So if you own an Apple TV 4, download the app and wait for the event to start.

Apple Let us Loop you in

Find Out At What Time Apple's Media Event Starts In Your Country

The event will begin at 10 am Pacific Time. However, while many of you are outside the time zone, then you can check it out from here. The media event is to be held at the company's Town Hall auditorium on its 1 Infinite loop campus in Cupertino, California. From the images below, find out at what time will Apple's March 21 event start at your end and plan your day accordingly if you're willing to watch it live.


Find out the time zone for your country from the images embedded above. Have a clear look at your country by viewing full sized images. If the list does not have your country mentioned then click here and check out the time it will start. If you're interested in watching the event live. Apple is streaming them on iOS, Mac, Android and even Windows PC. So do make sure you watch it.

Last year, Apple held the 'Spring Forward' event that debuted the Apple Watch and the 12-inch MacBook. This time we presume there won't be any new releases. However, the launch of the iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro would be the main highlight of the event. A lot of users, who dislike the company's bigger handsets are waiting anxiously for the event to begin. The smaller iPhone SE is said to come with improved specs packed in iPhone 5s form factor. On the other hand, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro would be the same as the gigantic 12.9-inch iPad Pro with improved specs and Apple Pencil support.

We will be covering all of the new stuff Apple is about to release in its March 21 media event. So do stay tuned for that. This is it for now, folks. How anxiously are you waiting for Apple's 'let us loop you in' media event? Do you think the company will make changes in its wearable? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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