Apple’s Free App Of The Week Is An Amazing Puzzle-Platformer – $2 Value


Every week Apple updates its  free App of the Week promotion with a new app. This week, the company is giving away Mimpi Dreams absolutely free of charge. The promotion is valid till the the next seven days, so if you're interested and willing to save some extra bucks, download the game before it goes back to its original price. Mimpi Dreams is a critically praised puzzle-platform game for both iPhone and iPad. So let's see some more detail about Apple's free App of the Week.

Mimpi Dreams Is Apple's Free App Of The Week

Normally, Mimi Dreams is priced at $2, but if you download it this week, you will not have to pay a single penny. The game revolves around a lazy dog named Mimpi who enjoys taking naps and dreaming about becoming a super hero. Your main focus will be to save Mimpi's friends by solving puzzles. Whether it may be a lost pirate ship, a princess held captive by a dragon or the trapped lab rat, you will rescue them with your puzzle solving skills. Puzzles can be solved through the manipulation of environmental objects in an amazing mix of adventure.

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The App Store Editor's Notes:

They say don’t wake sleeping dogs, but poor Mimpi has been having some very weird dreams. From laboratories to forests to dangerous, debris-strewn waters, the only similarity between Mimpi’s dreamscapes is how fun they are to navigate. Each stage is filled with puzzles to solve and environmental objects to fiddle with. You’ll knock down power lines, steer clouds, push suitcases, and (of course!) collect bones on your exhilarating journey through dreamlands.


If you're into puzzle games, you will enjoy Mimpi Dreams. The game offers six different worlds that you can explore naming the tesla landscape, stoneface forest, bottle seaside, fairytale, factory and medieval castle. The visuals are amazing that will hook users for a much greater gameplay experience. Other than this, the soundtrack included in the video is by the award-winning composers Jaroslav Vyhnicka and Alexandre Guiraud. So overall, you will have a pretty good time playing Mimpi Dreams.

Mimpi Dreams is available from the iOS App Store for free this week, so be sure to download it before the free App of the Week promotion ends. This is it for now, folks. How often do you play puzzle platform games on your iPhone or iPad? What are your thoughts on Mimpi Dreams? Let us know in the comments.

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