Apple Watch Helped Husband Discover Seven Blood Clots After Wearable Displayed Drastically Dropped Heart Rate

Apple Watch Helped Husband Discover Seven Blood Clots After Wearable Displayed Drastically Dropped Heart Rate

In yet another tale where the Apple Watch helped the wearer detect a condition, Keith Simpson, 43, credits the device in a similar capacity. The husband has two teenage children, along with a love of photography. He claims he chose the hobby because it helped him get out of the house more and gain some exercise in the process. However, he wasn’t aware of a medical condition until the Apple Watch alerted him.

Apple Watch Owner Also Emailed Tim Cook, and the CEO Responded

Given below is Simpson’s story on what transpired and how the Apple Watch became his lifesaver. After the wearable displayed that the wearer’s heart rate reduced drastically, Simpson grabbed his blood pressure monitor he had at home, called up his doctor, who told him to seek medical attention quickly.

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“I took up photography when I wanted to get healthier because it forced me to get out of the house and walk around. I turned to my wife and I didn’t even have to ask her, she already saw how flushed I looked. When I looked down at my watch, it looked like my heart rate had dropped well below what I usually am at. They found out that I have blood clots. Not just one. I had like seven. At that point, he was like I’m glad you came in today because if you had not come in, things could have very well turned out differently. As soon as I got out of the hospital, maybe like a few weeks later, my wife gave me my Christmas present early, which is a new watch.”

Later, Simpson sent Apple CEO Tim Cook an email on how the company’s product saved his life. Sure enough, the executive responded in a timely fashion. If you’re witnessing that the Apple Watch is useful in these situations, imagine the possibilities for future iterations? According to a previous report, the Apple Watch Series 7 will include blood glucose monitoring. Also, Apple is rumored to be testing out blood pressure monitoring on a future wearable.

However, this feature likely won’t be added in the upcoming mode due to its inaccuracy, but we can still be hopeful for many health-related features to arrive in the future.

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