Apple Watch User Base Now Stands at 100 Million Worldwide, but Only 10 Percent of Them Are iPhone Owners

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch User Base Now Stands at 100 Million Worldwide, but Only 10 Percent of Them Are iPhone Owners

The Apple Watch has been a massive success, with new data stating that the user base has crossed 100 million users during December. What’s interesting about these stats is that you don’t even have to be an iPhone owner to have an Apple Watch.

New Estimates Reveal the Apple Watch Was the Fourth-Largest Product in Terms of Installed User Base

According to the latest estimates from Above Avalon, the Apple Watch was the technology giant’s fourth-largest product in terms of installed user base. In the ranking, the Apple Watch trails behind the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. According to analyst Neil Cybart, at the current sales trajectory of the wearable, it might surpass Apple’s Mac lineup by 2022.

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“At 100 million users, the Apple Watch is Apple’s fourth-largest product installed base behind the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. At the current sales trajectory, the Apple Watch installed base will surpass the Mac installed base in 2022. Surpassing the iPad installed base will take longer and likely be measured in a number of years based on the current sales trajectory.”

2020 was also the year where models like the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6 were launched, which is a clever strategy from the firm. Previously released models like the Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 4 were already attractive as customers could purchase them at a lower price and take advantage of high-end features. According to the analyst, this could be the contributing factor as to why there were 30 million Apple Watch installed user base estimates.

However, there’s one interesting figure to take from all of this. Cybart believes that out of the 100 million installed user base, only 10 percent of them are iPhone owners. Also, 35 percent of iPhone owners in the U.S. own an Apple Watch, which the analyst believes should be a wake-up call for competitors as they haven’t rolled out a similar product in years.

“Since the U.S. has been an Apple Watch stronghold for years, adoption in the country has trended materially high in comparison to global figures. At the end of 2020, approximately 35% of ‌iPhone‌ users in the U.S. were wearing an Apple Watch. This is a shockingly strong adoption rate that should serve as a wake-up call to Apple competitors interested in the wearables space. Apple Watch turned Fitbit from a household name as the wearables industry leader into a company that will eventually be viewed as an asterisk when the wearables story is retold to future generations.”

Cybart also believes that Apple could increase its installed user base if it opened the Apple Watch up to non-iPhone users. We all know a closed ecosystem is something the technology giant swears by, but looking at the stats, it should be something the company should at least consider. With the Apple Watch Series 7 expected this year, we’ll revisit how well the wearable family's adoption rate is for a 12-month period, so stay tuned.

News Source: Above Avalon

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