Apple Watch Ultra To Launch With Apple’s In-House MicroLED Display In 2024

Ali Salman
Apple In-House Custom DIsplay for Apple Watch and iPhone Launch in 2024

Apple is planning to introduce a wide range of changes in future iPhone and Apple Watch models. A new report suggests that Apple is working to rely less on its suppliers like Samsung and LG as far as the displays are concerned. The company will potentially begin adopting its custom panels next year with the launch of the new Apple Watch Ultra. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple to transition to its custom displays with the launch of the new Apple Watch Ultra in 2024, slated to be equipped with a microLED panel

We have recently heard that Apple will use a microLED display on an Apple Watch with a display size of 2.1 inches. The larger screen size indicates that the company will transition to the new display technology with the Apple Watch Ultra. Gradually, the Cupertino giant will expand the use of its custom displays to other devices, such as the iPhone. Take note that Apple will outsource the manufacturing process, but the design and specifications of the panels will be directly from Apple.

This is not the first time that we have heard details on Apple's attempts to rely less on its suppliers. According to Bloomberg, Apple has already begun to manufacture in-house chips for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This will allow the company to remove various suppliers from its list. In the case of display manufacturing, Samsung and LG will be one of the companies to be affected. Apple is one of the biggest clients of Samsung for display manufacturing, and it would cost the South Korean giant a lot of business if Apple begins its custom display manufacturing.

Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED Display Launch

Apple is also manufacturing its modems and wireless chips to rely less on Qualcomm and Broadcom. With the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra 2, Apple's microLED display will have better brightness levels, enhanced color accuracy, and better viewing angles. Apple previously wanted to offer microLED displays in its devices by 2020. However, due to technical difficulties and production challenges, the company used OLED panels for the iPhone and Apple Watch, while the MacBook Pro lineup adopted mini-LED technology.

Apple will initially begin the transition with the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra in 2024. Gradually, the company could potentially add the iPhone and iPad to the list of devices. Take note that these are mere speculations at this point and the final word rests with Apple. We could see potential delays in Apple's efforts to transition to its custom displays. We will keep you guys updated on the latest, so be sure to stick around.

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