Apple Watch Series 3 Rumored to Come With Cellular Connectivity – Dedicated Supplier to Make a Modem for It

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch Series 3 cellular connectivity

Apple’s next wearable for consumers might not require you to carry your iPhone around for connectivity purposes. According to the latest rumor, the Apple Watch Series 3 might finally feature a cellular modem for seamless call-making and constant communication.

Intel Rumored to Be Working With Apple to Supply the Giant With Cellular Modems for the Upcoming Apple Watch Series 3

According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to announce its Apple Watch Series 3 later this year and it will come with a variety of unexpected upgrades, including the ability to make calls directly from the wearable. For some time now, Apple Watch users have had to rely on the iPhone and smartwatch pairing in order to receive a multitude of notifications on the wearable.

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In this way, the Apple Watch becomes an extension of the iPhone but with the release of the Apple Watch Series 3, looks like carrying around an iPhone might not be a prerequisite any longer. The report states that Intel will be the chief supplier of LTE modems for the Apple Watch Series 3 which is not surprising. Qualcomm and Apple are currently embroiled in a legal dispute, and with Intel having no beef with the California-based giant, things should go smoothly as far as component production goes.

This is a huge win for Intel and aside from that, a person close to the matter states that Apple is already in talks with carriers in the U.S. and Europe regarding offering the cellular version. What this means is that the Apple Watch Series 3 could be offered in two variants; one that offers the user the ability to connect to a network while with the regular version, you will still need to carry around your iPhone at all times.

Pricing details of the wearable were not part of the conversation but looking at the myriad number of improvements present in the Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch when compared to its predecessor, we have no doubt that there are lots of goodies to look forward to, assuming the rumor ends up being true.

Will you be wanting to purchase the Apple Watch Series 3 now that there’s a chance it might support cellular connectivity? Let us know down in the comments.

News Source: Bloomberg

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