Apple Watch Saves Life of a 70-Year Old Woman With AFib Heart Condition

Ali Salman
Apple Watch Saves Life of Woman

The Apple Watch is a very capable device with a plethora of sensors and health-tracking features. Moreover, the wearable is years ahead of the competition when it comes to the list of features it has to offer. We have encountered several instances where the Apple Watch came to save the life of an individual. Today, the streak continues as the Apple Watch saves the life of a 70-year old woman with a serious heart condition.

Apple Watch Alerted A Woman in Arizona With AFib Heart Condition That Saved Her Life

Yolie De Leon from Arizona was heading out for her walk when she received an alert on the Apple Watch. The alert stated that her heart rate was 174 with an AFib condition and that she needed to call the doctor immediately. AFib or atrial fibrillation is the condition of an irregular heart rate which is usually characterized by the rapid beating of the heart and can lead to heart failure. It is great to see how the Apple Watch saves the life of individuals on different occasions.

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When De Leon reached the hospital, the doctors confirmed that the diagnoses provided that the Apple Watch was indeed AFib. While the model of the Apple Watch is not mentioned in the report, we are glad that De Leon was timely notified of the condition. The Apple Watch features an AFib detector since 2018 that collects and analyzes data regularly using a heart rate monitor. This allows the wearable to collect ample data for a prolonged period of time to give an overview of the wear's health. When an irregular condition is detected, the Apple Watch will notify the user which could save his life from a certain condition.

Apple Watch Saves Life of Woman

Apple has added several health-tracking features in the Apple Watch and continues to do so with every new model. The Apple Watch Series 7 is slated to arrive in the coming weeks at Apple's iPhone 13 event, We are expecting Apple to redesign the Apple Watch Series 7 which will potentially come with new health sensors.

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