Apple Watch Will Take Full Advantage Of Health Apps Including ‘Doctor Consultations’


Apple Watch pre-orders have ignited to a great start last weekend with over a million units sold in a single day. At this point in time, Apple developers are developing first party applications and third party applications are pipelined for later. There is no doubt that organizations other than Apple will take advantage of the Apple Watch in spreading awareness as well as providing utility to the users.

A few healthcare companies have reportedly announced that applications concerning users are set to sail for the Apple Watch that will include features like consulting a doctor on an iPhone and reminding users of their daily medication. Different medical healthcare companies have taken a step forward to provide service to the users in the most efficient form way that can prevent injuries to health.

Apple Watch Improves Healthcare Industry Through Medical Apps Integration

The medication reminder is one of the greatest features in terms of medical plan that a doctor provides and the medium acts as a fun and useful way of doing so. The plan is introduced by WebMD which reminds patients of their daily medical dosage as prescribed by the doctor. Each schedule, dosage information and instructions will be provided on the Watch face which will also display custom images of the pills. The taptic feedback is responsible for the provision of reminders to the users. The Apple Watch will aid you as the modern day nurse and guide you to medication and other details. Other features will also be integrated with long look feature in the Apple Watch as well as the glances.

Medisafe is another Apple Watch application that concerns healthcare. The application has a simple function where it integrates with the Watch's force touch feature and marks the medication as 'taken'. For second dosage reminder, Medisafe has also used the long look feature to display other information about the dosage.

HealthTap along with DocNow App will provide assistance to patients by setting a meeting with the doctor. The service will be available 24 hours and the consultancy price is set at $2.99 per minute. The service is already present in an iPhone app but the Watch version will be detailed with a lot more other features.

All of these healthcare applications will be available to the users as soon as they get hold of the Apple Watch. The closest shipment stretches to 4-6 weeks to be precise. The true nature of these applications will be based on the real world performance and as for now, its really amazing to see how companies are working together to create a healthy society. Comment your views below for this development in the health industry.

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