Apple Watch Enables You To Find Where You Parked Your Car

Parking lots are always crowded on a busy day and sometimes due to unfavorable conditions, you forget the spot where you parked your car. This has probably happened to everyone at a certain point in time. So how to find where your car has been parked from hundreds of them with the same appearance as yours? Well there's an easy trick it to it if you own an Apple Watch.

Quit doodling around the parking lot because Apple has a unique feature in its Maps app that allows users to pin their location, for instance the location of your parking space. Even though there are a lot of pinning application swinging but using an Apple Watch for easy searching is fun. This does not apply to finding your car alone. You can pin any location you want. Either its a boat or a hiking spot, your Apple Watch will save the location and then when you come by, it will tell you the pinned location.

Never Forget Where You Park Your Car Using Maps App On Apple Watch

So lets head to the operation of how you can find your car or any other place. Lets start by opening the Maps App. After the app is completely loaded, you will see the blue dot that represents your current location. However, in case your blue dot doesn't show up, press the blue arrow at the bottom left of your display.

Once you see the blue dot of your current location, tap it. Some of the options related to the field will be displayed, choose 'Mark My Location'. You will see that a purple pin has been dropped at the location you are currently at. Now this where you go and do your thing. Get to any possible location either work, lunch, walk a dog or anything. You will get back to your car using the pinned location on your Apple Watch.

Once you're done with everything and want to return to your car, open the Maps App again and tap your purple pinned location that you saved earlier. Among the options you will see the ETA and the corresponding medium to travel. Hit your preferred and tap start. Your Maps App on the Apple Watch will give you guided directions to reach to your pinned location. In this case, a parking lot and directly to your parked car. So never forget where you park your car if you own an Apple Watch.


That's to it folks. Never forget where you parked your car now. As for now, let us know your thoughts on it i the comments section below. For more news and guides stay with us.

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