Apple Watch Saves Life of a Woman by Detecting the ‘Widow Maker’ Heart Attack, Which Was Not Felt by the Wearer

Apple Watch Detects ‘Widow Maker’ Heart Attack & Saves Life of a Woman

Once more, the Apple Watch was triumphant in preventing a tragedy befalling a family by alerting a woman of a heart attack that she did not realize had taken place. The wearer, who resides in Michigan, states that the smartwatch alerted her to a high heart rate, prompting her to seek medical attention and later finding out what it was.

Unlike Male Owners of the Apple Watch, Detecting a Heart Attack Is Significantly Different for a Woman

Diane Feenstra, the owner of the Apple Watch, recalls how her heart rate rose even though she hardly partook in any vigorous exercises.

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“The day in question, April 22, I had 169 beats per minute heart rate even though the most vigorous exercise I had done was to walk up 12 steps. So I called my husband at work and said do you think this is concerning? And he said call your doctor.”

Later, a visit to the urgent care confirmed that Feenstra had a heart attack, but unlike males, women experience these incidents differently, and therefore, some do not even realize that a heart attack took place. Feenstra explains those differences below.

“Unlike men who feel an elephant on their chest many times, a woman's symptoms are very different. I had pain going down my left hand, I had a little swelling in my left foot, I had indigestion that I just explained away as acid reflux that I was experiencing as I got older. The biggest thing was pain in my shoulder and I figured I had vacuumed and put my muscles out of whack somehow.”

The emergency room gave her aspirin, and after further examination, it was determined that she had a blockage in the ‘widow maker artery,’ which was later repaired. Feenstra credits the Apple Watch for saving her life, as she says that on the wearable, you can easily monitor your heart rate. She believes that she might have suffered another heart attack if she did not check the readings on the Apple Watch, which forced her to seek medical attention in the first place.

Feenstra is now telling other women to be mindful of such symptoms while also thanking her husband Gary for gifting her an Apple Watch for her birthday.

News Source: ABC13

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