Apple Watch Sporting an iPhone-Like Notch at the Top With iOS Apps and Widgets Shown in This Latest Concept


The Apple Watch design has remained roughly the same ever since the inception of the Apple Watch Series 4. This included shrinking of the bezels to allow for more screen real estate, allowing the company to develop slightly bigger displays for its lineup of wearables. The design for the iPhone has also remained consistent ever since the arrival of the iPhone X; the polarizing notch at the top coupled with slim bezels all around the handset. Now, what if you were to take the notch design and apply it to the Apple Watch? This concept image has done exactly that, just to show you how it would look.

Apple Watch Notch in New Concept Takes Away Massive Amounts of Screen Real Estate - Possibly Why Apple Hasn’t Chosen This Route

The Apple Watch concept image was shared by Twitter user Apple Dsign. The new look includes the wearable sporting that iPhone notch at the top and while we don’t think it’s a bad design choice by any means, we can understand why Apple chose to avoid this change. Simply stated, the Apple Watch’s display is far too small to accommodate a notch and it would mean sacrificing a ton of screen real estate which can otherwise be used to display important information and notifications.

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If Apple were to add the notch in a future design change, then upcoming Apple Watch models would have to sport large display sizes, making it uncomfortable for the wearer to carry around such a massive watch face. The addition of the bulk isn’t going to be easy to rotate your hand around, especially when you’re taking a look at crucial notifications every 10 minutes.

However, the biggest change seen in this Apple Watch concept comes in the form of the interface. Instead of running any version of watchOS, the image shows the device running iOS-like icons. There are even two widgets located at the top, along with a total of eight app icons present at the bottom. While we appreciate this approach, it appears a bit impractical since a lot of users would like to see more apps on the primary screen. Sure, they can simply swipe right to reveal more icons, but it just saves time to have several apps on a single home screen.

Irrespective of the drawbacks, we still think that this is a unique design aspect of the Apple Watch and if there was ever a change that Apple was to implement, we strongly suggest they take a look at this image.

News Source: Apple Dsign