Best Tips and Tricks to Help You Get the Most Out of Apple TV

We covered a tons of deals and gift packages over the holiday season to help you get a new Apple TV. If you are on the receiving end, and are looking for some Apple TV tips and tricks, we hope to help you with some. Here are some ways to make your life with Apple TV more productive and more fun!jailbreak apple tv tips


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Apple TV tips and tricks:

Here are some of the Apple TV tips and tricks:

  • Want to quickly get back to the home screen? If you keep holding down the menu button, it will get you back to the main menu a lot faster than repeatedly clicking it.
  • You can use your iOS device to set up your Apple TV. This way, you will have your WiFi information, region / language preferences, and iTunes account information ported on the Apple TV.
  • You can map any remote to Apple TV from: Settings General > Remotes.
  • If want to select which one of the apps should appear on the Apple TV's home screen, go to Settings > General > Restrictions and create a passcode.
  • During the playback, hold up and it will show you information about the video being played.
  • Hold select on the remote while you are viewing a video, and it will give you various audio options like closed captioning.
  • You can put the Apple TV to sleep by holding the play / pause button on the remote.
  • When on any app at the main menu, holding the play / pause button turns the Apple TV off.
  • Press play in Netflix on any episode in the summary episode list page, and it will play it directly.
  • If you wish to rearrange the icons on the Apple TV home screen, do how we do it on the iOS devices: press and hold the center button on the remote until the icons begin jiggling; move them to where you want to place them.
  • If you are also suffering from a frequent problem of audio not syncing when using the Apple TV; rebooting the Apple TV will help you fix it.
  • You can tweak your screen saver settings and have it play varied photos. While you can use the default photos; you can also choose to use movie posters from the Trailers app; some specific Photo Stream, or a Flickr album!
  • Talking about Trailer app, there are a plenty of third-party apps that will help you boost your Apple TV experience. iFlicks version 1 $9.99 will convert and boost the metadata on your files; Beamer $15 lets you to play any video format on your Apple TV by streaming it from your Mac via AirPlay; and use PlexConnect to work with the Apple TV via the Trailers app.
  • And finally, one of the best Apple TV tips is to be on OS X 10.9 Mavericks as AirPlay Mirroring works a lot better from 10.9 than it does on 10.8.

These were a few Apple TV tips and tricks; don't forget to share with us your favorite Apple TV tips!

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