Apple TV Could Potentially Launch on Xbox Consoles in November


[UPDATE] According to a source, Apple is currently working with Sony to bring the Apple TV app to PlayStation consoles as well. The source believes that the HomeKit support could also come at some point in the future, but that feature is not going to be available at the same time as Apple TV.

[ORIGINAL STORY] Apple TV is having a good time as it seems to be growing over the past couple of months. Allowing the users to go ahead and subscribe to a number of original productions as well as pick up digital copies of movies, along with shows from Apple's ecosystem. The company seems to be gradually rolling out the apps for smart TVs along with other platforms. The purpose here is to obviously extend the reach and now it looks like Xbox is finally catching up.

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At the time of writing, Apple TV is appearing to a select number of testers on Xbox consoles, and it seems that the app is going to function similarly as it does on smart TVs.

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The tip is coming from a Twitter user @Tzunami_Sapp, and according to them, Apple TV is coming to Xbox consoles, as they have shared the screenshot as well. Although the functionality will be similar when compared to the app on other TVs, the difference here is that you will use your Xbox controller for navigation.

The app will be bringing Apple TV services such as Apple TV+ subscroiption service that was launcehd last year. The Testing program is said to be only limited to some users, although the availablity is still locked at the time of writing. Which means that the service is not usable.

It actually is an interesting factor to see both Apple and Xbox working together. Especially when you consider that Apple still does not have access to Xbox Game Pass due to Apple blocking access. Here is hoping that Apple TV does not have to submit every single movie and TV show separately for reviewing purpose, because we have seen something similar with Xbox Game Pass.

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Whatever the case might be, if you are a fan of Apple TV, you might be getting access to it on your Xbox console pretty soon. You should also keep in mind that Apple could release it next month or release it alongside the Xbox Series X and Series S which are slated to release on 10th November.

Will you be using Apple TV on your Xbox console? Let us know your thoughts below.