Apple To Ditch Shipping The Lightning To 3.5mm Adapter With 2018 iPhone Models


Whenever Apple introduces a new paradigm shift in terms of design, it sticks with it. For instance, the lack of a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. The trend was carried forward by the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. However, Apple was considerate enough to bundle a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter out of the box. This year, it looks like we have to either stick to the old ones or get a new one as the company might not add the adapter with its 2018 iPhone models. Let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Apple Unlikely To Include A Lightning To 3.5mm Adapter With 2018 iPhone Models

Analyst Matthew Ramsey, after going through Cirrus Logic's earnings anticipation, coined that Apple will ditch shipping the 2018 iPhone models with a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter. Cirrus Logic supplies Apple with various audio components which include the DAC inside the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter. So we might not get the adapter out of the box.

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Moreover, this is not the first time that the news has appeared on the surface. The idea of not bundling the 2018 iPhone with the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter first appeared earlier this year. Barclays analysts also claimed that the 2018 iPhone models will ship without the adapter.

In addition to this, Apple seems to be ditching the headphone jack on its iPad lineup as well. Henceforth, the company will probably not add a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter with its tablets as well. So what is the future of the iPhone without a headphone jack? Well, for one, the wired headphones now ship with the Lightning connector. Secondly, you would probably have to purchase the adapter separately.

Apple is definitely pushing users towards a wireless future. We're happy with the change but the transition phase is a nuisance with many products still having a headphone jack. There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details.

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