Apple Support App for iOS Now Available in United States – Download it Here


Apple Support app for iOS is now available to download in United States. We have the direct download link here.

Download the Apple Support App for Instant Apple Device Related Support on the Go

Back in November, Apple released the official Support app for iOS users. The app was rumored to arrive for quite some time, but the official release was limited to a select few countries. Now though, Apple has pushed the throttle further, making the app available in United States for all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch users.

As the name of the app suggest, Support will walk you through Apple's legendary customer service directly from your iOS device. You even have the choice to talk to an Apple Support representative directly from your device. But that's not all, you can either chat with one or talk to one on call. The choice is absolutely yours.

If you are in the United States, we highly recommend giving this app a download. There's no telling when it might just come in handy. Simply tap on the link below to kick off the download. It's absolutely free, and deservers a place on your home screen, if not inside a folder.

Need help? Apple Support app is your personalized guide to the best options from Apple. Find answers with articles tailored to your products and questions. Call, chat or email with an expert right away, or schedule a callback when it’s convenient. Get a repair at an Apple Store or a nearby Apple Authorized Service Provider. Apple Support is here to help.

There's a lot your can do in the app, such as scheduling an appointment or getting help for pretty much anything that is related to your Apple branded device. While many of us might not find a lot of value in this little piece of software, but it can go a long way in saving you from a lot of troubles. For instance, you forgot your Apple ID password; what should you do in that case? This app can prove to be a lifesaver.

Let us know what you think about the app by dropping a comment in the section below. We'll be hearing from you!