Apple Supplier Reveals Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor for Future Apple Watch Models

Apple Watch Glucose Monitor Sensors

Apple has been gradually beefing up the Apple Watch with new sensors that boast enhanced health-related features. An Apple supplier Rockley Photonics has developed new sensors for smartwatches that could potentially make their way to the Apple Watch. These new digital sensors include a non-invasive blood glucose monitor, core body temperature, and more. As mentioned earlier, these sensors could come to future Apple Watch models.

The Apple Watch Will Potentially Gain Blood Glucose Monitor As Supplier Redies Required Sensors

We have been hearing for some time that Apple is working to board glucose monitoring on the Apple Watch. According to reports, Apple could not integrate the sensors that were said to be coming with the Apple Watch Series 7. However, since glucose monitoring is an important health metric, Apple will integrate the sensors sometime in the near future (via MacRumors).

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Speaking of the future, Apple is working with a UK-based startup that has unveiled a range of "clinic-on-the-wrist" digital sensors for wearables. These sensors will work with the wearable to monitor blood pressure, body temperature, glucose levels, body hydration, and much more. To be more specific, the blood glucose monitor sensor is a non-invasive type. Rockley Photonics has developed an optical sensor that uses the spectrophotometer to provide analysis of the blood in real-time.

Apple Watch Glucose Monitor Sensors

If things go in the right direction, Apple could potentially use the sensors in its future iterations of the Apple Watch. We are not sure if the sensor will come to the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. It would be good for the supplier and the company to work together to be glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch. According to the supplier, these sensors could come to smartwatches as early as next year. This gives us an indication that glucose monitoring could be part of the Apple Watch Series 8.

We will share more details on the story, as soon as we have further information on the subject. Share your views with us in the comments.

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