Apple Stops Signing iOS 14, Downgrade from iOS 14.0.1 No Longer Possible – Here’s What it Means

iOS 14 Downgrade

Apple has seen fit to release iOS 14.0.1 and shortly after a week the company has stopped signing iOS 14. What this means is that users will no longer be able to downgrade from iOS 14.0.1 to iOS 14. Apple usually stops signing a firmware a week after it releases its subsequent update. The company has several reasons for this and one of the main reasons is that Apple wants users to stick to the latest build.

Apple Has Stopped Signing iOS 14 a Week After Releasing iOS 14.0.1 to the Public - Here's Everything You Need to Know

As mentioned earlier, Apple has stopped signing iOS 14, the launch version of the operating system. The move will restrict users on iOS 14.0.1 to downgrade to the previous version. While there isn't anything wrong with it, signing the firmware holds more importance for users who are particularly interested in jailbreaking their iPhone or iPad.

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iOS 14.0.1 was an important update that took care of a lot of bugs that were not addressed in the launch version of the operating system. Since every new iOS version is full of bugs, a subsequent update makes it more stable and fluid. In addition to this, performance and security updates are part of the mix.

As for iOS 14.0.1 itself, it brought a fix for an issue that caused third-party apps to set as default after the iPhone was restarted. Other than this, the update also fixed an issue that caused the iPhone from connecting to some WiFi networks. Lastly, it also fixed an issue that prevented sending emails with some mail carriers and not others.

iOS 14 Downgrade

Here's What Jailbreak Users Should Know

If you are interested in jailbreaking your iPhone, Checkra1n only supports devices with A9 and A9X processors. The team does say that it will add support but it might be too early to make any solid conclusions on that. henceforth, if you rested on iOS 14.0.1 and wanted to downgrade to iOS 14 in order to jailbreak your iPhone, you no longer have the option to do so. However, if you're not interested, the new change might not affect you.

At the time of writing, iOS 14.0.1 is the latest publicly available version of iOS that users can download. However, Apple is working on releasing iOS 14.2 update some time in the near future with major additions. iOS 14.2 is in the beta stage as of now and it will introduce 13 new emoji characters. In addition, iOS 14.2 will also bring the Shazam Music Recognition feature to the table for Control Center. There are several other additional as well related to Apple Music on Control Center.

We will share more details on iOS 14.2 in the future as subsequent beta builds are released. As for now, Apple has stopped signing iOS 14, which means that you can not downgrade to it any longer from iOS 14.0.1. Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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