Apple’s Latest Siri Hire John Giannandrea Is Google’s Former Head Of AI And Has A Long And Difficult Path Ahead Of Him

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Apple launched Siri on the iPhone 4S at a troubled time. Tim Cook had just taken the reins and was expected to make his mark on the company's management and loyal customer base. The virtual assistant received a mixed response, which eclipsed criticism several subsequent products and services from Apple would face. Now, seven years since Siri's launch, the virtual assistant landscape includes more players; which offer better functionality.

A lukewarm market interest in the iPhone X has forced Apple to beef up other segments. The company now hires Google's former head of artificial intelligence, John Giannandrea to give Siri a much-needed boost. Take a look below for more details.

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Apple Hires John Giannandrea Within A Day After He Quit Position As Head Of Google's AI; Engineer Expected To Bring Siri Up To Par With Modern Standards

With the iPhone X, Apple formally enters into a new era of smartphone and software design. The device's edge to edge display, combined with iOS 11 necessitates a complete shift in Apple's ecosystem. This includes Siri. Apple's virtual assistant is fragmented, a fact glaring directly into the face of Cupertino's preference for homogeneity.

Depending on which device you use, Siri offers completely different functionality. On the iPhone, it allows you to take notes, but you can't do so on the Apple Watch. For the HomePod, there's little benefit of having a virtual assistant apart from using it to manage music playback. One main reason behind this incoherent approach is lack of direction at a director level.

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In his new position at Apple, Giannandrea will report directly to CEO Tim Cook - effectively creating a separate department for Siri with its own chief. He's got a long and difficult road ahead of him. The first steps out of Apple's new Siri department will involve removing the incoherence that we've mentioned above. However, this just might be the easiest task ahead for Cupertino's latest hire.

One key difference between Google's Assistant and Siri is Apple's insistence on keeping user interaction with the software limited to the device being used. Google, on the other hand, collects data all the time, which allows it to build up its services much quicker. In fact, this is one primary reason Mountain View is now ahead of Apple.

However, if you're expecting a change in Apple's privacy approach, don't. Tim Cook inherits his predecessor's stubbornness when it comes to these things. Let's just hope his plans for Siri bear fruition. Apple, after all, needs all the wins that it can get. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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