Apple Actively Eyeing An iMac Pro Workstation With An M-Series Chip, But No Word On Launch

Omar Sohail
Apple iMac Pro

It has been five years since the iMac Pro launched, and while the latest report claims that Apple is working to introduce an update that will feature its own chipset, there is no set launch date. It appears that the company is experiencing similar problems with this workstation as it is with its Mac Pro.

Apple may reduce the iMac Pro’s thickness, but its high price tag may end its chances of being a successful product

New iMac Pro models were shelved from Apple’s online store a long while ago, which may have hinted that the technology giant would introduce a model bearing an M-series SoC. Unfortunately, that is not the case, but according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest ‘Power On’ newsletter, the company has not given up on a launch. The only issue is there is no concrete estimate as to when the product will launch.

“The company also continues to eye a high-end iMac Pro with Apple silicon, but that machine has suffered internal delays for similar reasons as the Mac Pro.”

The iMac Pro will likely see a redesign, like the M1 iMac. An earlier design leak revealed that the ‘All in One’ workstation would sport a boxier design and reduced bezels, along with a Space Gray finish. As for the internal specifications, the rumor was that the machine would be outfitted with a 27-inch mini-LED, plus SoC configurations of M1 Pro and M1 Max, the same chipsets present in the 2021 MacBook Pro lineup.

Intel-based iMac Pro with high-resolution monitors

Sadly, the Apple Silicon iMac Pro never materialized, and the problem may have to do with its positioning in the current lineup. With the Mac Studio already a compact, and capable device, the iMac Pro may have a problem attracting customers, especially if it features a high price tag. Keep in mind that workstation-grade Apple products have never been cheap, with Intel-based iMac Pro starting at $4,999.

So, if the Mac Studio offers similar performance while saving the customer some money, the latter would be the obvious choice for the majority of buyers. In any case, it is possible Apple is prepping a significantly powerful M-series chipset for the iMac Pro, so we will keep you updated on the latest.

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