Apple Sends Legal Warning to Leakers to Cut Down on Leaks of Unreleased Products

Apple Sends Warning to Leakers

Leaks are an everyday routine when it comes to smartphones these days and some companies are pretty strict about the privacy of their products. Apple, for instance, is a secretive company and it wants everything that it releases to be a surprise in the form of a big announcement. To do that, the company is coming out hard on leakers, bidding to cut down on the information about the upcoming products. Now, Apple has sent out a legal warning to some reliable leakers who have been sharing information about the company's upcoming products.

Apple's Legal Team Sends Out Warning Letters to Leakers to Prevent Leaks Of Unreleased Products

Apple is warning leakers to stop sharing information regarding its upcoming products. The company has issued a warning to the reliable leaker Kang and others to not share further information about Apple devices as it could "mislead customers" (via MacRumors). The company says that leaks might not always pan out to be true and it would only play a role to provide users with false information. In addition to this, Apple's competitors could use the information and gain an advantage over the company.

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Apple's lawyers used screenshots of Kang's posts on Weibo as evidence that it included in the legal notice. However, Kang suggests that he never posted a picture of Apple's unreleased products. The leaker stated that he tends to share his leaks as "dreams" that another prominent leaker L0vetodream does. The company states that these "dreams" can give its competitors an advantage or mislead customers. The leaker will keep a low profile in the future and delete some of his older posts.

The legal notice was also sent out to other Apple leakers as well, which will prevent them from sharing frequent information on the forthcoming Apple products. Apple has also sent out a warning letter to Concept Creator, who is not actually a leaker. Nonetheless, we will keep you posted on the latest.

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