Apple Seeds Beta 3 Of iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3 And tvOS 12.1.2 To Developers


Apple has seen fit to release beta 3 of iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3 and tvOS 12.1.2 to developers for testing purposes. The new betas are now available to download on the respective devices directly from Apple. The second iOS 12.1.3 beta was released late last month which houses the necessary bug fixes not addressed in the previous build. So let's dive in to see what the remaining beta builds have in store and how you can download them.

Apple Releases iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3 and tvOS 12.1.2 Beta 3 To Registered Developers

iOS 12 has received plenty of updates since its release adding several forward facing additions such as Group FaceTime calls, support for Dual SIM and other changes. If you're interested, the latest beta 3 of iOS 12.1.3 build can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center. Do make sure that a proper profile is installed on your device. Simply open Settings > General > Software Update and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Apple Seeds Third Public Beta of macOS Monterey

watchOS 5.1.3 beta 3 can be downloaded onto your Apple Watch by navigating to Settings > General > Software Upgrade and then follow the on-screen instructions to download. Do make sure that an appropriate profile is installed from the Apple Developer Center. In addition to this, be sure to note that your Apple Watch should be charged above 50 percent and should be connected to the iPhone.

watchOS 3.2.2

As for tvOS 12.1.2 beta 3, registered developers can download the latest build through Xcode on Mac. It might be too early to ask for the changes added in the latest builds. We will definitely let you guys know as soon as developers are done tinkering with the beta updates.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details on the subject. This is all for now, folks. What are your thoughts on iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3 and tvOS 12.1.2 beta 3? Do you think Apple might have added a front-facing addition to the table? Let us know in the comments.