Apple Says “Hello Again” to the Headphone Jack – Not a “Courageous” News for iPhone 7 Users


But, says goodbye to USB ports. Now, you'd need two different pairs of headphones to work with your iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro 2016. And oh, you cannot connect your iPhone with the new MacBook Pro. Hello Again, dongles.

Apple has introduced the new lineup of MacBook Pro. The first major update to the lineup in about 4 years, the new MacBook Pro swaps out the USB, HDMI and power ports for four Thunderbolt 3 ports. You know what it doesn't swap out? The super old headphone jack.

Apple couldn't find the courage to completely kill the headphone jack

You heard that right. After creating a ruckus in the tech industry for saying goodbye to the decades old headphone jack, the company is keeping the standard jack as one of the ports. So, while your iPhone 7 can't have one, your brand new MacBook Pro with that highly fancy Touch Bar will keep this "ancient" technology alive.

Those old headphones that you can't connect with your new iPhones? You can enjoy them with the MacBook Pro. But ironically, what you can't plug into your new MacBook Pro is the Apple's Lightning earpods that it launched with the new iPhone 7 lineup. This is so... twisted.

Although if you bought an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you probably already bought an adaptor, you won't need one with the MacBook Pro. Well, at least not for your headphones. You'll definitely need dongles to connect the traditional USB with the new Type-C ports.

There was concern if Apple would kill the port after taking the "courageous" risk with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The newer ecosystem that Apple is creating this year relies on a few too many dongles and cables to work with.

Now, the company supports two audio standards, which means the same pair of earphones won't work for both your notebook and phone. And, you cannot connect your iPhone with the new MacBook Pro lineup because even the latest iPhone carries the classic USB Type A standard. Nope, this is not twisted. This is 100 shades of messed up.