Apple Releases New Watch Band and iPhone Silicone Cases in Flash, Spicy Orange & Dark Teal Color Options


If you think Apple's current lineup of Watch band and Silicone case colors are slightly 'boring,' then the new ones will definitely pique your attention.

Apple's Watch Band and iPhone Silicone Cases Are Now Available in Brad New, More Vibrant Color Options.

Although Apple sells a variety of its accessories in a handful of color options, but one can't just go ahead and say that they are the most vibrant. Granted, there's a bright red color option in the mix and even a white one which people might fancy, but the spectrum on the funkier side is absolutely missing.

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It seems as though Apple realized this and went ahead to expand its Sport Watch band and iPhone Silicone lineup with three new color options, namely - Flash, Spicy Orange and Teal. The third one is a dark shade of color, but the first two will definitely liven things up.

The new iPhone Silicone case color options are available for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus as as well the iPhone X. If you are an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus user, you're not left out of the party as the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases will fit your smartphone just fine.

As you'd expect, the new color options command the same price as before. The Sport band for Apple Watch will set you back $49, whereas the iPhone 8 Silicone case will set you back $35, iPhone 8 Plus will set you back $39 and $39 for the iPhone X as well. All the new accessories are available directly from Apple.

Personally, I believe that Apple's very own lineup of accessories do offer the fit and finish not found anywhere else. But things tend to get pricey very quickly even for something you'd expect to be very cheap. Therefore you should explore more options before parting with your hard-earned cash.