Apple Rumored to Be Working on Project Irvine; Said to Be an ‘Evolution’ of Stage Manager and May Arrive in 2023

Apple Rumored to Be Working on Project Irvine; Said to Be an ‘Evolution’ of Stage Manager and May Arrive in 2023

Apple’s Stage Manager was previewed alongside iPadOS 16 during the company’s WWDC 2022 keynote. In a nutshell, the new mode enables multitasking features for users by bringing a macOS-like experience for tablets, allowing select iPad owners to resize or reposition tabs or windows at will.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems afflicting Stage Manager, which likely forced Apple to delay the official iPadOS 16 update. On the plus side, there is a new rumor doing the rounds talking about Project Irvine, and it could possibly bring a layer of improvements to this multitasking feature.

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Project Irvine May Remove Minimum Hardware Requirements of iPad Models That Stage Manager Needs, Though the New Rumor Does Not Specify This

With all that is going on with Stage Manager, and not all in a positive context, Twitter user Majin Bu shares information from an unnamed source that Apple is working on Project Irvine, and according to him, it will bring an ‘evolution’ to Stage Manager. Expected in 2023, Apple may preview the feature during its official announcement of iPadOS 17, and with it, the quirks accompanied with Stage Manager could be a thing of the past, though Majin Bu does not specify this.

In its current state, Stage Manager appears to be a mess, with the editor-in-chief of MacStores Federico Viticci stating in an earlier tweet that he has disabled the feature on his iPad Pro since there is a multitude of bugs that needs to be addressed. These range from crashes every few minutes to the difficulty of using multi-window for the same app. Additionally, he mentions that there are UI glitches everywhere.

These could be a number of reasons why iPadOS 16 is delayed, but these problems could also have forced Apple to go back to the drawing board, out of which Project Irvine may have started. Also, Apple has left out previous-generation 2018-2020 iPad Pro owners from obtaining the Stage Manager upgrade, with software engineering SVP Craig Federighi saying that users would get less than a stellar experience on older versions.

Bear in mind that the A12X Bionic and A12Z Bionic are still powerful chips capable of tackling anything thrown in their path, but somehow, Apple limiting Stage Manager to iPad models with the M1 chip casts a shadow of doubt on the company’s plan. Many people could call this move ‘planned obsolescence,’ forcing consumers to pick up the latest tablet.

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Hopefully, Project Irvine could eliminate those obstacles and introduce a refreshed Stage Manager with iPadOS 17.

News Source: Majin Bu

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