Apple Says That 100% of Fortune 500 Companies Now Use Its Products, With 2019 Seeing More Devices Come Online


Apple is increasing its focus on enterprise computing and apparently, the efforts are paying off. The iPad is the first device that marked the Cupertino giant’s entry into the business world, and rest, as they say, is history. During the recent Jamf Nation User Conference, the company’s product marketing executive Jeremy Butcher talked about how far the company has come.

As you might already know, Jamf is Apple’s device management software maker. Jamf suite of applications is Apple’s management offering for system administrators to configure and automate tasks for iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. Butcher revealed that all the Fortune 500 firms use Apple’s products and further said that right now, hundreds of companies have deployed more than 10,000 Apple devices.

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For their ease, the Cupertino giant rolled out the Business Managed Program in 2018. Prior to that in 2016, the company had already launched its School Management program. Butcher also says that over 150,000 customers across 69 countries use its Business Manager and School Manager due to ease of use.

He said that for large companies, the focus is on management, deployment, identity, security, and productivity. He went on to say that Apple makes products that are secured by default. The company aims to safeguard the personal information of users while making it easier to manage and deploy devices at the same. As for productivity, the intent is to make devices powerful as well as user-friendly, with IBM stating that using Apple’s Macs have resulted in improved productivity, performance, and as a result, employee satisfaction.

Jeremy Butcher says:

“Our intent is to make products that are secure by default.”

According to Jamf CEO Dean Hager, this was the company’s best year in terms of channel expansion. During the annual conference, new products were also launched such as Jamf Protect, which is a service that adds visibility and analytics to Apple’s tools on the Mac.

Since Apple is one of the biggest technological consumer brands, a lot of enterprise users have already had the iOS experience, which perhaps explains why they are comfortable opting for iPhone, iPad, or Mac when it comes to work.

News Source: AppleInsider