IBM Reports That Macs Enable Better Productivity, Performance and Employee Satisfication

Imran Hussain
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IBM's CIO Fletcher Previn announced that Mac users are more productive and deliver better results, compared to Windows users. This research was shared at the Jamf Nation User Conference.

Staring in 2015, IBM allowed employees to chose between Windows or Mac. In 2016, IBM said that they were saving an average of $535 per Mac, from their deployment of 90,000 Macs, compared to Windows PCs. Windows users simply had more support requests due to reliability issues with the operating system as well as hardware. Due to such issues, over 73% of IBM employees said that they wanted their next computer to be a Mac.

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The new 2019 research by IBM says that employees report higher satisfaction, and deliver better performance thanks to Mac. macOS has an overall positive impact on employee productivity.

As per Jamf's report:

  • 22 percent more macOS users do better in performance reviews, compared to Windows users.
  • macOS users also close high value sales deals which are 16% larger than what Windows users achieve.
  • macOS users are 17% less likely to leave IBM, compared to Windows users.
  • macOS users also have a higher net promoter score, 47.5%, compared to Windows users, which is 15%.

A net promoter score measures the willingness of a customer to recommend a company's products to others.

On the software side of things, only 5% of Mac users asked for additional software, compared to 11% of Windows users. The gap has closed due to more reliance on web-based applications, which do not specifically require Windows.

In terms of support, IBM says that Macs users and devices require less support compared to Windows PCs. Only 7 engineers are required to support 200,000 Macs, compared to 20 engineers for 200,000 Windows PCs. Windows users also have five times more support requests, compared to Mac users.

Jamf CEO Dean Hager also commented on IBM's research that Mac adoption is increasing rapidly in the enterprise, along with iPhone and iPad.

"Mac is growing rapidly in the enterprise in part due to the Windows 7 to Windows 10 transition," he said. "Why move from Windows 7 to Windows 10 when you can do something bigger to promote choice?"

These are really impressive results and show that Macs provide a better return on investment thanks to a secure and stable operating system, and reliable hardware. It will be interesting to know if IBM employees had to face any issues with the new MacBook Pro keyboards or were they able to avoid them altogether.

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