Apple Exploring Flexible Batteries Production – Maybe Its for Its iPhone for 2020


It seems like Apple really wants to shake things up. First, we heard that the company is developing its own microLED panels. Next, we heard that a foldable iPhone has been planned for 2020, making it a very ambitious decision if it comes true, even for a giant like Apple.

Now, we’ve come across that Apple is planning major improvements for the coming years when it comes to flexible phone components. A recently discovered patent titled ‘flexible battery structure’ has revealed that Apple is considering a new kind of battery.

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Flexible Battery Can Only Mean it Will Be Incorporated in the 2020 Rumored Foldable iPhone

A flexible battery can offer a lot of advantages. Firstly, it will enable Apple to improve the design of its devices. More importantly, a flexible battery will make it easier for Apple to make a foldable iPhone. Just like Samsung, Apple is considering the flexible form factor and it might arrive as early as 2020.

A flexible battery will help Apple to better optimize the space inside its devices. Unlike a fixed rectangular shape, a flexible piece can fit in according to the space available inside a phone. This could even help Apple increase battery life when it comes to an overall capacity.

iPhone X has two batteries soldered onto the same logic board, and it can be believed that foldable phones are the next big thing in the smartphone market, and this makes the idea of flexible batteries worth pursuing.

That being said, there is no confirmation yet that flexible batteries will be mass produced by Apple. However, given the ambitious plans of the company, we have a higher level of confidence that Apple will go through with the patent. If you want to go through the actual patent, you can download PDF file by clicking on the link here.

News Source: Digital Trends