Apple Patent Envisions Stronger Cover Glass for iPhone With Spiral Grain Coating

Apple Patent

The iPhone has come a long way, transitioned year over year from the original iPhone to the iPhone 11 Pro. The smartphone has come a long way and it will keep on evolving for better durability. The latest comes in as USPTO or United States Patent & Trademark Office filed a new Apple patent that details a stronger cover glass for future iPhone models.

Apple Patent Reveals Future Products Will be Stronger and More Durable Glass With Spiral Glass Coating

The new Apple patent explains how Spiral Grain Coatings on the iPhone's glass structure can make it more resistant to damage and durable. The iPhone is not the only device that the coating can be applied to as the technology can be used on other products like the iPad, iMac, and even the Apple Watch. Apple's website also states that "Creating tougher glass isn't rocket science. It's molecular science".

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Apple moved to glass backs on the latest models. This means that the back is more prone to scratches and damage. The anti-scratch and anti-reflection coatings are not ready at the moment as they can create stress concentration which results in the glass breaking at increased levels of stress.

Apple Patent

According to the new Apple patent, layers of thin fil can be sprayed on the housing using the vapor deposition technique. The coating will account for many benefits like anti-scratch, anti-reflection, and more. The structure of the glass is achievable via multiple coating layers using the polycrystalline materials and the grains will be implemented in an interlaced spiral format. The arrangement of spiral grains is evident in the embedded image.

if Apple does make it happen, we can expect stronger and more durable Apple products in the future. Since smartphones these days feature glass on both front and back, the stronger glass solution in the Apple patent is our best bet for now. Take note that Apple files a lot of patents so we don't clearly know when Apple decides to implement the technology in its devices.

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