The Apple Pencil 2 To Feature Touch ID, Flashlight And More Shows Apple Patent

As 2016 is about to exit its first half, things aren't that good over at the Apple camp. The Cupertino tech giant's earnings call earlier this month showed profits decreasing for the first time in 13 years, finally marking an end to the massive growth spree the company had been enjoying since Steve Jobs tapped the gadget market. With a substantial amount of revenues coming from the iPhone lineup, a weaker market response to the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus launched last year has put Apple in quite a tough spot indeed and it looks like the company's hard at work to upgrade its other product lineups.


Apple's Patent Hints At Extensive Options For The Apple Pencil 2

As 2015 ended, we saw Apple become a vastly different company when compared to how things operated under Steve Jobs. A greater focus on services, combined with an increased focus in China saw Cupertino finally trying to expand its revenue streams away from the iPhone, a fact that was clearly represented in the company's quarterly earnings call earlier this month. Apple also launched the Apple Watch and the iPad Pro last year, with both the devices expected to deliver new features to the company's loyal customer base.

Now, as 2016 has finally settled, we're starting to hear news about the company's product launches for this year, with several key pieces of information already having surfaced about the Apple Watch 2, the iPhone 7 and now a potential upgrade to the Apple Pencil. Apple bit the bullet last year when it launched the iPad Pro with the Apple pencil, a move necessary given the tablet's massive screen size.

Now, we're seeing some interesting patents surface which might show what upgrades Apple's planning for the Apple Pencil this year. After all, Cupertino's known for adding new and innovative features on its product upgrades and taking a look at today's information, the Apple Pencil 2 might not be an exception to this rule either. An Apple patent filed quite a while back indicates that the Apple Pencil 2 can bring extended functionality in the form of authentication, extended nibs and more.


According to USPTO patent number 9329703, the Apple Pencil will include support for advanced hand gestures and improved input capture for the iPad via proximity and pressure sensors. A more interesting feature of today's patent is exchangeable nibs for the Apple Pencil 2, which will allow for a greater amount of inputs for the iPad. The various nibs for the stylus include felt tip, brush, pen, pencil and more.

Not only does the patent focus towards increased nib function but it also adds support for unique features that include pressure sensitive bristle brush, an actual led tip for the gadget, a flagshlight and more. If these ideas see the light of day, then we should expect the Apple Pencil 2 to become a gadget on its own right, a move that could help in reversing Cupertino's declining fortunes.

Lastly, we might also get to see the Apple Pencil 2 come with Touch ID biometric recognition features of its own and an additional sensor in the device's other end, lending further credence to rumors of a much needed eraser upgrade making it on board. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned for the latest.


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