Apple Music Sing Lets You Sing Along to Millions of Songs

Furqan Shahid
Apple Music Sing Lets You Sing Along to Millions of Songs

The idea and implementation of karaoke are a lot of fun, especially when done correctly. Singing along to your favorite tracks with your friends or even alone sounds like something we have all been a part of. Apple understands this all too well, as the company has announced a new feature called Apple Music Sing, letting you sing along to your favorite songs. The best thing? You will also be able to adjust the vocals and get access to real-time lyrics. This means no more confusing and butchering lyrics to your favorite songs.

Apple Music Sing Is Apple's Way of Letting You Enjoy a More Refined Version of Karaoke

Apple Music Sing is not just an ordinary feature that lets you sing along to songs--it is rife with features such as the ability to sing lead, backup, and even go for duets with your friends on the weekend. Everything about this feature works seamlessly with Apple Music and the lyrical experience that the app is known for. Want more? The library keeps expanding, so even if you think your favorite song is unavailable, you will get access to it later.

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For those interested, Apple Music Sing is going to be available later this month to Apple Music subscribers around the world, and you can use it on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV 4K.

“Apple Music’s lyrics experience is consistently one of the most popular features on our service,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats. “We already know our users all over the world love to follow along to their favorite songs, so we wanted to evolve this offering even further to enable even more engagement around music through singing. It’s really a lot of fun, our customers are going to love it.”

It is safe to say that Apple Music Sing will become the life of every party, where people love singing along to their favorite songs. However, to sweeten the pot even more, Apple is also launching over 50 dedicated companion playlists that will feature all the duets, choruses, and anthems that people around the world have been singing, and the best part is that these are fully optimized for Apple Music Sing, make it another excellent reason to use this feature. If you want more information on this, you can head to Apple's newsroom and get all the information you want.

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