Apple Might Launch New iPad Pro Model With Glass Back For Wireless Charging Next Year

iPad Pro with glass back for wireless charging

Apple recently launched the new iPad Pro with an M1 chip and a mini-LED display at its Spring Loaded event. However, a new report coins that the company is working on a new iPad Pro for next year which will feature a glass back for wireless charging purposes. This will be the first time Apple will introduce wireless charging on the iPad.

Apple is Developing an iPad Pro Model With Glass Back for Wireless and Reverse Wireless Charging Capabilities

The report comes from Bloomberg, citing that the iPad Pro with a glass back for wireless charging is early in development and launch plans could change. The company could delay the launch and even scrap its plans if it sees fit. Apple redesigned the iPad with the iPad Pro back in 2018 and the new design could bring the tablet on par with the iPhone's design.

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The glass back on the reported iPad Pro will not only give room to wireless charging but also reverse wireless charging. This will allow the iPad Pro to charge other devices wirelessly. To charge the iPad Pro, you would simply place it on a charging mat, similar to what you would do for your iPhone. Moreover, Apple is also working on MagSafe-like wireless charging technology for the iPad Pro.

Wireless charging replaces the usual power cable with an inductive mat, which makes it easier for users to top up their device’s battery. It has grown into a common feature in smartphones but is a rarity among tablets. Apple added wireless charging to iPhones in 2017 and last year updated it with a magnet-based MagSafe system that ensured more consistent charging speeds.

The company is testing a similar MagSafe system for the iPad Pro. Wireless charging will likely be slower than directly plugging in a charger to the iPad’s Thunderbolt port, which will remain as part of the next models.

At this point in time, even the latest iPhone 12 series do not support reverse wireless charging. Henceforth, reverse wireless charging would be a brand new addition to Apple's product lineup. The iPad Pro would share its power to charge other devices, like the iPhone or AirPods. It was previously rumored that Apple will launch reverse wireless charging with the iPhone 11 but we did not see that happening. However, today's report suggests that Apple might make it happen soon. The iPad is said to launch next year.

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