First picture surfaces claiming to be taken from an iPhone 5

The exact specifications of the iPhone 5 are still a mystery and while the launch is a bit over a month away in Mid October, a new picture has surfaced online that is supposedly taken from an iPhone 5. The picture was taken by an Apple employee during lunch and although the image is 5.15 MP at 2235x2291 res, the EXIF data tells a different story.

On the face of it, the picture is taken by an iPhone 4 considering the information in the file and the resolution. However if you extract the EXIF data from the file (see below) you can see that the original picture was larger at 3264 X 2488 pixels i.e 8.12 MP.

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Secondly the camera's focal length and aperture values of 4.28mm and f/2.4 differ from the iPhone 4's 3.85mm f/2.8 which is further proof that the image has been taken with an iPhone 5. Keeping this in mind and the fact that it was taken by an Apple employee it could very well be an iPhone 5 capture. After all we've seen several other rumors of iPhone 5's floating around like the one spotted in a subway and the one confiscated by some German airport authorities among many other rumors.

Regardless of wether the picture is true or fake, it should be natural for Apple to release the iPhone 5 with a 8MP camera considering that they always improve the hardware with recent updates and the iPhone 4 definitely needs a new update to be able to complete with all the new competition from HTC, Samsung and other firms. October 21st, is the day when we can finally seperate rumors from the actual facts so we'll have to wait till then to get solid proof about this and many other rumors.

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