Apple Maps Now Prioritizes Food Delivery, Pharmacies, Hospitals in Current Situation


Apple has tweaked its Maps service to highlight nearby food delivery options, hospitals, pharmacies and everything essential in the current situation.

Apple's Latest Tweak to Maps Lets You Quickly View and Reach Nearby Grocery Store, Food Delivery Options, Hospitals and Pharmacies

If you are locked in and want to know what your nearby options are when it comes to groceries, hospitals, pharmacies and food delivery, then Apple Maps has an interesting little change which you will find useful.

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Apple has tweaked the search in such a way that it will highlight the essentials first. This can be accessed by simply tapping on the search bar when you are in Apple Maps. Please note that this feature is not available everywhere.

As soon as you tap on one of the options in the list, all of them will be highlighted on the map and you can get directions to the nearest one if you like. This is super convenient in times when millions of people are locked in, isolating and want to get the hold of essentials. And if you ever need medicine and need to hunt down the nearest pharmacy, that is covered in the list as well. You do not have to type in the name of the place to get there. One tap and Apple Maps will take care of the rest.

Obviously, this implementation is far from perfect and Apple can take a hint or two from Google Maps which highlights takeout, delivery, grocery etc. options right under the search bar, saving you a few taps to reach stuff that matters the most.

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