Apple Expects Strong MacBook Pro Shipments – Places Aggressive Orders With Suppliers

Apple MacBook Pro shipments

Despite the backlash stemming from the high price tags and lack of connectivity ports from the MacBook Pro 2016 models, Apple is still placing orders for its newly announced notebooks due to strong shipments. With the remaining two models; one that comes with the Touch Bar and Touch ID features yet to be officially released, lots of consumers will be taking advantage of the extra firepower and will probably want to get their hands on one of the newer models.

Apple Increasing Notebook Orders as Strong Shipments Are Expected to Last Until the End of 2016 – Newer MacBook Pro Family Yet to Be Officially Rolled Out to the Public

Apple appears to be extremely optimistic about the future and about its MacBook Pro 2016 family. According to the latest from supply chain sources, MacBook shipments in 2017 are expected to stay at the same level as they were in 2016. These sources indicate an increased shipment proportion of the company’s new MacBook Pro, stating that both parties are expected to enjoy growth in 2017.

However, Apple’s mood was not always this bright and dandy as these sources have also pointed that the tech giant was not initially optimistic about placing new MacBook Pro orders. It was also reported that the company delayed the product shipment schedule by a quarter due to low yield rates for some components that included hinges, battery, and keyboard. However, good fortune showers Apple as it has started aggressively pursuing orders for the newer models after the launch in October.

The rising MacBook Pro shipment tally has forced market watchers to increase that number to 15 million units in 2016, but have stated that the number of shipments is expected to stay the same the following year. There are several reasons to upgrade to the newer MacBook Pro models. They possess a brighter display, much bigger trackpad and because of the insanely faster storage, the newer notebooks are going to be more responsive to commands. The Thunderbolt 3 are a cause of concerns for a majority of consumers, and the removal of the MagSafe charger also means that you will have to be careful about accidentally yanking the cable from the notebook.

To make things easier for users who are going to purchase dongles for expansion, Apple has dropped the prices of its accessories, but the offer is only going to last for a short period. Would you be upgrading to a new MacBook Pro model? Tell us your thoughts in the comments right away.


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