Apple Next Low-Cost iPhone May Start From Just $200; Current-Gen iPhone SE Costs Twice as Much


Apple sent a message to Android flagship smartphone companies when it unveiled the 2020 iPhone SE sporting the fastest mobile silicon on the planet for just $399. The tech giant probably wants to continue that momentum because it's reported there might be another low-cost model in the works, with the difference being that it could start from only $200. Imagine that; a phone maker that’s always been criticized for churning out expensive handsets is now rumored to provide customers with an ultra-affordable model.

Tipster Claims That There’s No Word on Which Chipset It Will Use Though if Apple Sticks With the A13 Bionic, It Wouldn’t Be a Bad Choice by Any Means

A tweet from MauriQHD states that Apple’s low-cost iPhone could be sold in between the $200-$300 range. Assuming the rumor ends up being true, the smartphone in question would be much cheaper than the $399 price stamped on the 2020 iPhone SE’s base storage version. On the Twitter thread, there are a lot of questions being asked, specifically about its hardware.

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Unfortunately, MauriQHD states that there’s no word on which chipset it will use. However, an earlier tweet from the same person stated that the 2021 iPhone SE could sport the same A13 Bionic as the one fueling the 2020 version. While he hasn’t mentioned if the 2021 version will start from $200, even if Apple sticks with the same SoC as it did with the 2020 iPhone SE, it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all, considering how this silicon performs.

Also, if you’re getting performance equal to most handsets in 2021 while still costing a third or even a fourth of what Android models will set customers back by, a $200 or even a $300 iPhone launch will help Apple obtain a massive market share in regions where it wasn’t able to thrive before.

Unfortunately, this is all the information we have for you right now. Hopefully, there will be more updates regarding this model such as the display size, screen technology, and more, so we’ll share those updates in the near future.

News Source: Twitter (MauriQHD)