Apple Also Lists A New 27 Inch iMac – Update Comes After Mac Mini Update

It seems like Apple's in full gear for updates this week. Starting from the update of the 13 and 15 Retina MacBook Pro, the wheels continued to spin with Apple's Boot Camp System Requirements page also listing the Mac Mini for a mid 2014 update. The listing has been taken down as of now, but you can see it here. The updates aren't over though. The Boot Camp: System Requirements Page also lists a new 27 inch Mac for this year.

Apple Boot Camp System Requirements Page Lists a 27 Inch Mac For Mid 2014 As Well

The iMac entry on the Boot Camp System Requirements page has also been removed. This is similar to the Mac Mini listing we told you about earlier. Talking about the iMac however, it might be possible that the listing was an error. The Mac Mini is one product that desperately needs an update. Apple last released an upgrade for the Mac Mini in 2012. Thats two whole years since we've seen an upgrade for it. However, for the iMac, as it can be seen above, Apple did upgrade it. The upgrade came last month and was in the 21.5 inch segment. However, other segments of the iMac still need an update. The 27 inch variant saw an update last year.

However, it wouldn't be prudent to completely rule out an iMac update this summer. From what we've seen of the 13 and 15 inch Retina MacBook pro upgrades, Apple is indeed introducing buffer products until its larger launches. The 27 inch iMac might just be a similar offering, with the company looking to make some quick cash. All of this is speculation though, until Cupertino finally does upgrade the 27 inch iMac.





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