iPod touch 3 Prototype’s Gallery Shows up, Showing a Centered Rear Camera Position & More

iPod touch 3 Prototype’s Gallery Shows up, Showing a Centered Rear Camera Position & More

Despite the fact that the iPod touch 3 is several years old, a leaked gallery shows that Apple may have had a different plan as far as the product’s design is concerned. The gallery was shared by Giulio Zompetti, a developer who collects Apple prototypes. Perhaps the biggest change spotted on the iPod touch 3 prototype is the existence of a center rear camera. That is correct, if this iPod touch 3 prototype had gone into production, it would have been Apple’s first product to sport a center rear camera.

If you go through the company’s history, no Apple device released thus far sports a center rear camera, and that’s probably because Apple believes that this decision would interfere with its ‘seamless design’ philosophy. It’s worth noting that the iPod touch 3 didn’t come with a rear-facing camera in the final production phase, and AppleInsider reports that there were technical issues that probably led Apple to exclude that addition on the iPod touch 3.

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It was later found out that the iPod touch 3 actually had internal space for a camera, and as you can see in the latest image gallery, the ‘extra space’ part actually turned out to be true. Apple did go on to considerably upgrade the iPod touch 4; adding a total of two cameras and a microphone.

Right now, the latest iPod touch version sold on Apple’s website is the iPod touch 7, and it sports a hefty number of upgrades, especially the A10 Fusion chipset that’s running in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, meaning adequate levels of performance can be experienced. It’s priced at $199, which is pretty affordable if you’re looking to experience the Apple ecosystem.

Then again, you also have the 2020 iPhone SE priced at just $399, so if you want to skip an iPod touch purchase and pick an actual smartphone, the iPhone SE will be the ideal fit.

News Source: Twitter (Giulio Zompetti)

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