Rosenblatt Securities Revises iPhone X Production Estimates; Beliefs Fall In Line With KGI’s Earlier Reports Of Smartphone’s Demise

Just a while back, KGI securities cut its shipment estimates for Apple's iPhone X, this quarter. The firm famous for its analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes market demand for the $1,000 smartphone was previously over-estimated. Rumors of a similar nature surfaced last year as well, when dubious supply chain report interpretation claimed Apple's slowing down production for the iPhone X. However, these were refuted by Rosenblatt securities' analyst, Jun Zhang. Zhang's back today, but this time he's got a different opinion. Take a look below for more details.

Firms Decrease iPhone X Shipment Estimates As Opinion Builds Up On Apple's Production Problems; Will Company Change Culture?

Apple loves news. Especially the spotlight. Like a baby, Cupertino loves how product launches gather attention; a factor which increased exponentially when Steve Jobs was around. But now, things are slowing down. The iPhone is boring, despite some wonderful distractions. Remove the iPhone X and Apple's fear of change is starkly evident. For some reason, the company is unable to come up with remarkably strong yet distinct form factors as time passed.

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This stagnation, doesn't plague Android. Korean manufacturers in particular, continue to give Apple a run for its money. Both Samsung and LG immigrated to current trends smoothly, despite the G6's processor hiccup. Now, market watchers continue to place less hope on Cupertino's apparent savior, the iPhone X.

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KGI's downward revision of iPhone X shipment estimations for the quarter created murmurs in specific circles. Now, Rosenblatt joins in the chorus. The firm's Jun Zhang also believes that due to focus on this year's lineup, Apple will stop producing the iPhone X later this year. This will bring output down to 'just' 10 million units in this June's quarter. If you're hoping that the iPhone X's price will decrease, it won't. Instead, it's 'iconic' display will continue on successors. They will continue on Apple's major 2017 win i.e processors. The A11's multi-core performance speaks for itself and raises yet another important question.

After parting ways with Imagination, the company's got greater control over hardware. And as aesthetics aren't working out, this is an important area for consistent advantage. At this point, looks like Apple wants the iPhone X to facilitate a reluctant user base for upgrades. That, and a 5.8" successor starting from $799 will finally open the device up to China. Disappointing sales in the region are at the heart of these shipment downgrades. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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