Apple’s iPhone 13 Was the Best Selling Smartphone in Q1, 2022, No Samsung Flagship Made It in the Top Five


Once again, one member from Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone series ended up being the best seller for a specific quarter. According to the latest statistics, the iPhone 13 secured the top spot for Q1, 2022, with two other models from Apple’s camp securing a place in the top five.

No Samsung Flagship Made It to the List, Though the Korean Manufacturer’s Entry-Level Models Did Make the Cut

Data published by IDC and posted in a tweet by Francisco Jeronimo mentions that for Q1, 2022, Apple’s iPhone 13 was the best seller in worldwide sales. Right next to the best-seller, securing the second position was the top-tier iPhone 13 Pro Max, followed by the iPhone 13 Pro at fourth. Given that the iPhone 13 provides the best of both worlds in terms of pricing, performance, and features, it would have had to garner immense popularity. Our guess is that if the iPhone 13 Pro Max was slightly cheaper, it might have taken the top position.

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We are not surprised to see that the iPhone 13 mini was not found in this, seeing as how the majority of consumers do not covet smaller smartphones as they compromise on many features, which results in lower sales. This is one reason why Apple is more than likely to launch the iPhone 14 series without a ‘mini’ member. Also, Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone space, Samsung, did not have any Galaxy S22 member on the top-five list.

The Korean giant, did, however, have two entry-level models that made the cut, which were the Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A32. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 13 series launched back in 2021, while the Galaxy S22 family materialized in February 2022, so the comparison is not a fair one since Apple’s flagships had plenty of time to mature worldwide and sell well.

It is possible that these best-selling positions change in the coming months, especially when customers will gear themselves up for the iPhone 14 launch, along with increasing sales of other models from different vendors. What reasons do you think made the iPhone 13 the best-selling device for Q1, 2022? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Francisco Jeronimo