Apple Glasses Dream Still Alive – iPhone Supplier Reported to Make Parts for AR Wearable


The iPhone X might present the foundation of augmented reality but the Apple Glasses is something that could solidify it. According to a new report, an iPhone supplier is expected to make parts for an augmented reality device and the only thing we can think of right now is that Apple could be working on these Apple Glasses.

Catcher Technology Reported to Take on New Challenge in Making Components for a New Augmented Reality Device - Apple Glasses Anyone?

According to a report from Nikkei, Apple’s metal frame and casing supplier Catcher Technology has stated that it would take on a new challenge in making metal components for augmented reality devices. Though the supplier did not divulge details on what sort of product it would be working on, there are a few details that Catcher Chairman Allen Horng told analysts and reporters in an earnings conference on Tuesday:

AssistiveTouch Could Be Used on the Apple Glasses; Analyst Says Company Has a Four-to-Five-Year Lead in Wearables

“Based on what we have learned, [new AR products] need to look good and be light enough to wear ... that makes the casings for such device very complicated to manufacture and there are still a lot of challenges to overcome currently.”

So far, there is speculation that the only other AR product apart from the iPhone X are the Apple Glasses (this is not the official product name), with Horng stating that AR devices are more likely to gain traction in the future as mobility is a key for such gadgets to thrive. These AR glasses are expected to be sold at the end of 2019, marking a new product that will be added to the company’s product portfolio.

Once again, this is pure speculation that these components are going to be for the Apple Glasses, because with the iPhone X touting AR features, it is also possible that the 2018 phone lineup comes with such an addition, so take this info with a pinch of salt for now.

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News Source: Nikkei