Apple Looking To Eliminate Physical Home Button From Its Devices

After Apple agreed to start paying artists by lifting the three month trial period, the Cupertino tech giant will now shift its attention to mobile products, with the intention to remove the home button from them completely. The company will instead replace them with a single chip solution (which is reported to be made by the company itself) for integrating both the touchscreen and display drivers for mobile devices.

Apple Is Currently Developing A Single Chip Solution That Will Also Integrate Fingerprint Sensors

According to a report by DigiTimes, a more common name is being referred to Apple’s single chip solution TDDI, or touch and display driver integration. The report states that these TDDI chips will also include integrated fingerprint sensors which will potentially allow Apple to remove the home button from future devices and from the overall equation as well.

Despite the fact that future iPhone designs are expected to be much slimmer compared to its predecessors, the integrated design would effortlessly be able to fit in them. With the absence of a home button, Apple might be looking to reducing the thickness of the mobile devices altogether, but there will be limitations, such as incorporating the Force Touch tech, which will increase the device’s thickness.

Synaptics was the very first firm to introduce TDDI solutions which were also showcased earlier this year. The company was able to produce its chips by the acquisition of chipmaker Renesas SP Drivers. With the acquisition, both Synaptics and Renasas were able to combine their expertise in order to focus on touch technology chipset and display tech respectively.

Apple had also triangulated its sights on Renesas SP Drivers during last year, but due to a failed deal, the acquisition could not take place. Regardless, the company will still be able to take advantage of the tech, by becoming a Synaptics customer, but as it has always been with all things Apple, the company will also be looking for its own solutions.

It is also possible that with this new tech, future iPhones will have increased display sizes. Also, who knows, Apple might also take a look towards edge to edge screen display as well. Looks like we will get to know more about this when Apple unveils its latest smartphone duo, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.


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