Apple Is Giving Away Brushstroke Painting App For Free, Here’s How To Download

Ali Salman

Out of all the photo filter apps that provide unique effects and functionality, Brushstroke might be the one that tops the list. The app comes with a unique twist that not all editing apps provide. So not only does the app turns your photos into beautifully crafted faux paintings, you are also bestowed with an option to order mounted canvas prints of your photos. Let's see some more details on Brushstroke and its available features.

Brushstroke Painting App Is Available For Free Through The Apple Store App

Brushstroke has been previously named Apple's free app of the week in December of 2014. However, in case you missed out on giving it a free install, now might be a good time. Originally, the app costs $4.99, but if you're willing to save some extra bucks. Be sure to download it as soon as possible. The app will not be available for free through the App Store. The exclusive offer is for users with Apple's official Apple Store App.


To download Brushstroke for free, make sure you have installed the Apple Store app from the App Store on either your iPhone or iPad. Once you launch the app, tap on the Discover button located at the bottom. Now keep scrolling through the list until you see the Brushstroke app. Tap on Download Now to continue. Now on the screen, tap on the Download Now For Free button. You will then be prompted to go to the App Store. Tap Continue and the Brushstroke app will load in the App Store. On the upper right hand side of the display, you will see a redeem button. Tapping on it will automatically download Brushstroke.


Brushstroke is a very attractive app for those who want to turn their photos into thick brushstroke paintings. You also have an option to add your desired signature before you get forward to order a physical mounted print. You can order the prints from within the app for a price of $55. The prints will be delivered to your home and you have an option available to choose the frame style and size that ranges from 10 by 10 to 28 by 21 inches.


So if you're interested, you can install the app for free through the Apple Store app. The app is unique and provides doorstep delivery service if you're looking to have one made. The Apple Store app was recently updated with a new recommendations feature along with the redesigned interface. So be sure to check that out as well. Make sure that you install the app through the Apple Store app. Installing it through the provided link would cost you a full price.

This is it for now, folks. What are you thoughts on Brushstroke? Are you guys willing to give it a go? Let us know in the comments.

Download Brushstroke For iOS

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