Apple Made Boot Camp For Windows 7 Redundant On The New MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Models

Apple has stopped supporting Windows 7 with Boot Camp on the newly refreshed MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - Apple reported on its Boot Camp Support document. However, Boot Camp is still supported with Windows 8 or later but installing Windows 7 is now impossible.

People unfamiliar with the Boot Camp term should know its mechanics. Boot Camp is Apple's built architecture that allows users to install Microsoft Windows on Mac machines. This way users who adored Apple's hardware but worked on Windows OS could be satisfied on both terms.

Apple No Longer Supports Windows 7 Boot Camp In MacBook Pro And MacBook Air Models

The same operation was introduced in 2013 for Mac which according to Apple will be ceased to come in the future Macs. However, Boot Camp continued to show support for Windows 7 in the year 2014. The 2014 models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will be Apple's last machines to support Windows 7 installations. Even though Boot Camp has been made redundant, users can still continue to use Microsoft Windows using VVMware Fusion and Parallels.

Phasing out Windows 7 support in MacBook variants with Boot Camp is not at all surprising concerning the age of the installation. The first Windows Boot Camp arrived in 2009 which was followed by Windows 8 in 2012. Despite a six year old age, Windows 7 is still the most widely used operating system to run on a MacBook.

Mac users have shown resistance to Apple's decision to drop the Windows 7 Boot Camp and probably, they wont be happy about the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air variants as well. Windows users are more satisfied with Windows 7 because there seems to be a user interface acceptance issue along with its cost. The Windows 8 design is deviated from Windows 7 which means users don't find it either more usable and or appealing to shift.

Windows 10 on the other hand would launch a different approach to both its utility and user interface. This is because Microsoft has melted Windows 7 visuals and Windows 8 functionality to its newest release. There has been no news for Windows 10 price just yet but it will be a free update for all Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. That's all for now folks, do follow us for more news and rumors. Comment your thoughts what you feel like the Boot Camp continuity.

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