Apple Did Not Acquire Asaii But It Continues To Focus Heavily On Services

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Yesterday, a major part of Apple's effort to increase its service performance came to light. A report claimed that Apple had acquired startup Asaii, a company that focused on music streaming analytics. However, it now turns out that the report is incorrect. Head over below for more details.

Earlier Reports Of Apple Computer's Acquisition of Startup Asaii Turn Out Incorrect As The Cupertino Based Tech Giant Now Reported To Have Made Only A Handful Of New Hiring Decisions

When Apple first started to sell the iPhone, the company's resurrection by Steve Jobs hadn't reached its zenith. The growth took some time to realize, and it reached its peak with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. As Jobs' health started to decline, Apple continued to milk the iPhone as much as it could. And as Apple's iconic founder passed away, a career MBA started his reign at the company. The result? Innovation by creating new products became rare at Apple.

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The company is continuing to squeeze as much revenue as it can from the iPhone by operating in a market that has fully matured. Older iPhone users do not want to upgrade, and their hesitancy hits Apple hard. Therefore, in order to boost revenues, the Cupertino based tech giant is now looking to entice more existing users to use various iOS services - a list that includes Apple Pay and Apple Music.

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TechCrunch now reports that instead of acquiring Asaii, Apple has hired its three co-founders instead. The co-founders are Austin Chen, Chris Zhang and Sony Theakanath. Both Theakanath (Asaii's former CEO) and Zhang's LinkedIn profiles reflect the change. As for Asaii, the startup ceased operations this Sunday, following in line with an earlier announcement made by the company.

Apple's decision to hire the three co-founders makes sense as the company wants to beat Spotify. Music has a special place in the company's heart and culture, and the trio's expertise will bring Asaii's data analytics technology will help develop a new market for Apple Music, as the Cupertino based tech giant looks to offer more features to artists. The startup which originated from Berkley originally provided its services to Spotify. Another core tenet of Apple's decision to get Asaii's co-founders under its wing is the ability to use data analytics to create user-tailored playlists.

Therefore, it's a good move for Apple and will help the company cater to both artists and users with Apple Music. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

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