Apple AirTag Helps a Tennessee Man Find His SUV

AirTags Can Be Used for Covert Stalking; Apple’s Measures to Prevent Them Are Not Enough, Says Report

The Apple AirTag is a nifty, coin-shaped tracker is a pretty nifty tech and in the past, it has helped users track their last items. Just last week, this tracker helped a man in Memphis help police retrieve his stolen SUV.

Apple AirTag Proves Useful Once Again As it Helps a User Find His SUV

After his Hyundai Santa Fe was broken into earlier this month, Joshua Wylie decided to leave an AirTag in the SUV. Based on the police report, a criminal had tried to steal the car and failed. They not only broke the passenger window but also managed to damage the seeing column.

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In response, Wylie installed a surveillance camera in his apartment window that focused the lens of the camera on the vehicle and captured the video of the theft. However, it was the AirTag that managed to help track down the stolen SUV. With assistance from Memphis Police, Wylie managed to get his stolen Santa Fe back, all thanks to the tracking capabilities that come in an AirTag.

“If I hadn’t had that AirTag to show me where [the vehicle] was so early this morning, it’s very likely there could’ve been thousands of dollars more damage to my vehicle.”

At this point, it is safe to say that despite Apple not intending the AirTag to be used this way, people have found some creative ways to make sure that their tracking device can help them track lost items, and sometimes, including something as precious as a car. However, at the same time, an AirTag can be used for other malicious intents as well, but those reports have not been as common.

Have you been using the AirTag to track your belongings? Let us know how your experience has been so far.

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