AirPods 3 In Apple’s Design Pipeline Believes Case Maker

Ramish Zafar
An alleged AirPods case.

Apple's prowess in designing its own hardware has increased the breadth of what the company can achieve. While the Cupertino tech giant's A series of chips are the most well-known, Apple also designs processors present inside the Apple Watch and the AirPods. The AirPods, in particular, first used Apple's W1 chip, and with the second-generation earbuds, Apple designed a new processor named H1. Now, these upgrades might have enabled the company to further improve its true-wireless earbuds. Take a look below for more details.

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If there's one thing that even its staunchest critics will admit to, it's that Apple is the one company that made design and ergonomics popular in the tech world. However, this does not mean that the company hasn't made gaffes. Readers are advised to recall the 'hockey-puck' mouse that Apple tried to pass on to consumers. And personally, the design of its Earpods. that also made it on the AirPods simply isn't for everyone.

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The Earpods and the AirPods are uncomfortable to wear and unable to tightly fit inside the ear. While experiences will vary user-to-user, the fact that Apple prides itself on design and then continues to force an uncomfortable design on users speaks for itself. Well, all this might change with the 'AirPods 3' or the 'AirPods Pro', which were first discovered in iOS 13.1.2 beta last month.


Case maker ESR (courtesy of the good folks over at MacRumors) has jumped the gun this year by making a cover and carrying case for the AirPods based on alleged cases for the new earbuds leaked earlier this year. The case is wider than the one housing Apple's current wireless earbuds, but unfortunately, we're unable to take a look at the inside of the product.

The fact that ESR is out with an actual product suggests two things. First, it could mean that the product is truly on its way. Or, ESR could simply be trying to get an edge on competitors by entering the market earlier. Looking at the evidence at hand, we'd advise you to wait for one or two more leaks for the AirPods 3 before taking anything as set in stone.

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